Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lombardi Pizza

spring and mott

//just original ny style. thin crust. mozzarella. tomato sauce. and basil.
Usually not a fan of plain no-topping pizzas so was actually surprised by how good this tasted. Actually I was just happy to have the basil tomato mozzarella combo (hard to get outside of NY...sigh). J added more garlic powder which I thought wasn't part of the "original pizza" experience but it's fine.
//side of wild mushrooms. um...they looked like regular mushrooms nothing too crazy. while i love mushroom topping having them on the side wasn't quite the same.

//raspberry italian soda with whipped cream. yum but a bit pink.
//fresh brew iced tea. seems to work with the pizza and a cool summer drink.

//they don't have a dessert could this be?

When J suggested this place I thought he'd been there. later he said he saw it on tv (foodnetwork maybe?) and was interested enough to check it out. Those foodnetwork shows are quite convincing I guess...especially in HD form?

I really liked the location (steps away from soho shops) and decor of the place (hole in the wall yet classy...strange but true).

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Wine Tasting Guy said...

Yummm.... I'm ready for some good NY pizza NOW!