Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ayza Chocolate and Wine Bar

31st st btween 5th and broadway

//smoked chicken panini. J. ordered and I tried a bite. one word: wow.
//arugula apple salad. Understated dressing so you really taste the fresh ingredients. I had a big lunch earlier in the day so it was nice to get something light. the manchango cheese worked well with the rest of the contents too.

//sherry for me. kind of on the sweet side. i miss my dry sherries.
//lavender earl grey. simply heavenly. Smells like lavender and tastes like earl grey. I think it would go well with some afternoon tea snacks or such. I wonder if Alice Teacup has this...

//set of 3: hazelnut, melon, and passion fruit. Probably should have sampled the passion fruit first since it was a bit tart compared to the sweetness of the other two. Hazelnut was rather rich and nutty, more than I expected. I think this is actually my favorite. Didn't taste too much port in the melon but no complaints anyway.

pros: cute waitress, fine chocolates, ambience
cons: weird music (linkin park and eminem?), caged structure ceiling, "fake" candles, limited outdoor seating, location (it's not really close to anything interesting except Herald Sq. Hotel)


Wine Tasting Guy said...

I had a nice experience there although on both cheese platters and chocolate platters I thought portions were rather small...

Anonymous said...

I was there when they were newly open. After a year been there again. I can say that they are taking it seriously and developing in a good way. The silly coffee machine behind the bar is gone, The glassware is hanging up not like as it used to stand on the bar, and it was a cafe & wine bar now its wine & chocolate which sounds cooler, silly music like Azulet said is also left its place to a nice lounge music. in 1 or 2 years time Ayza Chocolate & Wine Bar can be one of the best wine bars in new york

Marcusss said...

Had a great experience there. They have this filet that resembles one my wife and I had in Italy – we would go back just for that. But everything else was good too. Took a little too long between courses though.