Thursday, April 24, 2008

Barley Love?

Beer Menus (website)
Saw this from gothamist, just wow....what a great resource.

Ever since I got back from Boston (and the Sam Adams tasting tour) I've been very selective about my beers. As in, why drink bottles when there are microbreweries and quality draft stuff? and I finally agree with W. that Corona is really not that amazing. The lime fizz at San Loco, though...that's one fine quality non-alcoholic drink!

Getting the Sam Adams Boston Lager and Brooklyn Lager on draft at my recent sports events were definitely highlights too. One at Madison Square Garden (great venue for music and beer, not for the Knicks, no offense). Another at Shea Stadium (Mets's the last season before Citifield, how sad). So glad we didn't have to settle for aluminum bottled budweiser though. The carvel chocolate/vanilla softserve ice cream inside Mets caps were also amazing, but nearly beer prices, what gives?

Two places the Beer Menu page inspired me to try:
Ginger Man (36th St btw Madison and 5th Ave, Beermenu): Blue Point Berry sounds good.
Village Pourhouse (11th at 3nd ave, Website, Beermenu): Chimay Cinq Cents (pricey though)

Since we're on the topic of alcohol, I want to also mention that clearly I've been spoiled by decent wines and expensive liquors by B., K., among others. We went to the 5 shots for $10 place near St. Marks and I could only stand the Red Label (we have Blue Label at home, sick, yes) although Southern Comfort was interesting (sour and sweet). I'm disappointed to say that while Jameson has great subway ads and Dewar's has great magazine ads, they do not taste that great.

Aged tequila is meant to be savored.

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