Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boqueria X 2 and Michel Cluizel

Boqueria [link to previous review]
I tried the fried quail eggs and chorizo on toast. I did have a "Honey, I shrank the breakfast sandwich" moment when I got it though, since quail eggs are so miniature compared to real eggs.
The chorizo was flavorful and spicy, leaving me wanting more. One day, I will go to Grand Central Market and get some real sausage links and feast!
The sausage from Catalan "fuet" did not blow me away like the sausage from Mallorca. We ordered the bacon wrapped dates again, since they were so good last time.

I tried the Osborne "Bailen" dry oloroso sherry this time which I enjoyed almost as much as the palo cortado last time. After wiki searching more about alcoholic beverages, scroll down to "types of alcoholic beverages chart, I realized I just love my grapes [wine, sherry, brandy, cognac], rice [huangjiu, sake, souju], and barley [beer, whiskey]. Hey, always learning about food/drink while I can. It's curious and interesting stuff!

Chocolat Michel Cluizel
19th and Broadway
(two blocks NW of Union Sq, enter through ABC Carpet or Lucy restaurant)

For dessert, Bob and I went to this chocolate bar that's connected to ABC Carpets. I was inspired by a recent AMNY (or was it Metro) article that talked about hot cocoa places in the city. We looked at the menu and couldn't decide what to order. I talked to the waiter a bit to find out about the options. A chocolate bubble (chocolate mousse) is great and of course universally loved by all. However, to be different, we ordered an Earl Grey Sorbet and Chocolate Mousse with a segment of Grapefruit. It came in a shiny little ice cream globlet and the portion is very very small. We knew we were probably in for quite a treat. First, we sampled a tiny bit of the sorbet and chocolate. Then, we combined them with a bit of grapefruit. The combination is quite surprising. If you've seen Ratatouille, you'd probably be seeing colors swirling and twirling next to us as we sampled such interesting complementary flavors. We also ordered a pot of chocolat which was very rich. Sip slowly, you will really enjoy it.

Of course they had a bunch of sweets for sale if you wanted to get a box of chocolates. I thought the ginger covered chocolate sounded interesting, and also the chocolate pearls (with metallic edible food coloring dusted on top).

Next to the chocolate bar is a restaurant called Pipa, a tapas place that was recommended by a co-worker but I have not tried it yet. Although ABC Carpet & Home was closed when we stopped by, I do intend to check out the shop next time I'm in the neighborhood. The window displays and chandeliers already attracted me with their lights. Can't imagine how I'd react to actual items inside the store.

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