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10th Anniversary Chocolate Show (NYC)

10th Chocolate Show (NYC)

NYC Chocolate Show

I found out about this event when I saw a girl using the brochure as a bookmark on the subway. I was curious and asked her if I could see the brochure. She gave it to me and I checked out the website for details. Basically, it was a chocolate lover's convention. The convention space would feature vendors, chefs, demos, and even activities for kids. I was sold. It took me some effort to convince T. to go with me. The line outside the door nearly turned us away but after stopping at the B&N for some coffee, we chatted and waited for the line to move. Luckily for us, we were admitted quickly. I had some issues with handing them a check to pay (I should use cash next time, or better yet, buy on ticketmaster so I can skip the line).

We first checked out the Chocolate fashion featuring some dresses (see below) made with chocolate pieces or even chocolate jewelry. Then we walked over to some booths featuring rockstar caricatures on chocolate (Cosmic Chocolate was the name of the company, I believe). Many of the booths offered free samples, much more than I had expected. Needless to say, we tried almost everything. In the chocolate lounge I did not find chocolate martinis or even Kahlua or Bailey based drinks. However, a sip of the Rhum Clement Creole Shrubb was refreshing. I almost bought a bottle there but the rep said I had to go to a nearby liquor store. Oh well.

Some honorable mentions (or business cards I actually took back)

//Chuao [web]
Best tasting spicy chocolate bar. Their Spicy Maya (with cayenne and chile) won out after I had literately 10+ different variations at the 70+ booths.

//Mary's Chocolatier
website in Japanese : link
Based in Tokyo, this booth not only had a white chocolate statue of liberty, they had generous samples too. I was skeptical about the green tea chocolate at first, but after a sampling I decided to buy a box for B. and I to try. Their catalogue was tantalizing but alas, I don't want to think about buying chocolates from Japan and paying for the international shipping charges! Perhaps I'll just pick up more of their stuff at next year's chocolate show.

//Gold Star
no website listed, only email
I tried the website but it didn't have the chocolate we bought. Just a general food site. This place was giving out samples outside the show, to people waiting in line. The rep then repeated the name and booth number for all to check out. T. and I loved the samples and did purchase some truffles at the booth. It's amazing in my opinion because we must have tried at least 20+ booths before we even found Gold Star. And when we had a second helping of the free sample there, we were still happy with what we tasted. That's when you know the chocolate is good I guess? According to the show program (lists all participants and websites), this company is new this year. Let's hope it's still here next year!

//Chez Pascal [web]
The chef Matt Gennuso gave a food demo at one of the stages. T. and I used the opportunity to sit down and relax a bit. We loved the sample they gave out for the recipe. It may sound strange to cook with chocolate but the chocolate black bean soup and the sausage in chile worked out really well. Needless to say, one of the stops we will make next time we visit Rhode Island.

//Modern Art Chocolates [web]
Christopher Norman Chocolates. White bricks and artistically done finishes. After looking at the map directions for their store, I realized the place was maybe two blocks from work...Clearly I need to get out more.

//Christina Stahr [web]

T. and I couldn't quite afford her art yet. But it's amazing what people could do with chocolate packaging. I really liked the pieces where she use music paper collaged with golden sheets used to wrap chocolates.

//Divalicious Chocolate Fountain Rentals [web]
The giant three or four layered fondue tower made quite a scene. They sold many fondue items at the show. T. and I loved the chocolate that they melted to create fondue. Sigh, if I can get people to shell out enough money for one...In the meantime I'll settle on going to their cafe on Broome St.

Other curiosities photographed:

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