Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zen Palate: Not so heavenly

I don't usually do negative reviews but...

the Financial district location just didn't fly.

shredded heaven was way too salty and oily.
the steamed green tea dumplings did not impress me much (I'm spoiled on fresh dumplings from small hole in the wall joint in Flushing).

the decor and service were good. but the food was mediocre at best, so I'm not planning to revisit.

my friend A. had the Singapore curry noodle which was actually fine. but 1 ok out of 3 orders is just sad. I feel I can definitely get veggie Chinese take-out for cheaper and get better quality/taste for my money. Maybe the place just doesn't cater to me. But if it claims to be healthy, it should watch its oil level! I felt very greasy afterwards, not healthy and cleansed.

Clearly I need to visit a real Buddhist vegetarian place that does better food. Or just make my own food.

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