Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hot Jeans, Historical Landmark, and Orchard St.

TWS Sample Sale
I went to a designer denim sample sale at the Puck Building, which is located in SOHO and quite a landmark. The building was indeed gorgeous. I loved the red brick and golden Puck statues. Although I have to say I enjoyed the jeans bit more. T. is a bad influence on me. I never thought I'd actually buy anything until she encouraged me. Well, I used a bit of self-restraint and bought only two pairs (she bought 8!). I don't know too much about designer jeans but the two pairs I got are:
//Antik Denim// in dark blue with cute thready details and small turquoise and silver buttons. I found them on google all right. Apparently a famous brand according to T.'s fashion conscious friend.
//Literature// in red. rather slim cut. Can't seem to find this brand on line. Oh well.

Orchid Street
We went after dinner to this street because I recall seeing some ads for this street's shops and also the fact it's marked as a shopping street on my handy pop up NY map. Yes, I won't be able to survive if it weren't for my subway/street map. Sad, isn't it?
Highlight were three shops, since most places did close after 9pm. Yes, NY never sleeps, but I think clubs and bars tend to open, not clothes shops.
//American Apparel//
Although I have issues with this company's advertising, I have to admit that they have very colorful and edgy clothes. Sheer and low cut, T. wasn't too crazy about the stuff there. They had very interesting suspender swimsuit there (not as bad as Borat, don't worry), as well as a bunch of metallic, shimmery tights and hot pants. Maybe I'll gather up courage next time. website here.
//Shop with very "downtown" clothes//
Why I don't remember shop's names is anyone's guess. We sort of wandered inside and took a peak at the clothes there. Are they constructed by hand or something? I see many t-shirts with safety pins as well as other embellishments. One of them had cute aqua bows. There was even a pair of pants with circular mesh throughout and some large circle patterns. T. and I really felt out of place with our "somewhat preppy" clothes. Next time we should dress "downtown" if we want to shop "downtown".
//Exhibitionist Jewelry//
This place made quite an impression on us. Not only did I love the crown rings and necklaces, I also loved their extravagant silver jewelry designs. T. fell in love with a ring with a really cool cross cut stone and while she tried it on, the saleslady recommended a stared jewel ring which fitted me perfectly. After we asked the price, we realized the truth to the saying, "if you ask for the price, you can't afford it". Oh well, at least we have experienced something beautiful.
After I came home I looked up the place and of course found their website. I would recommend going over to the store itself though, because you need to be there to really be dazzled. The site also names a bunch of fashion magazines and celebrities as customers. No wonder we couldn't afford it then!

Email Alert
I would also use this opportunity to recommend Daily Candy email newsletter. Not only does it bring you the deals in fashion and food of NYC, it comes with beautiful illustrations. A very well done site and newsletter. In fact, I found out about the jeans thing through it. Can't wait to try some of the food recommendation though. And oh, the newsletter announces sample sales at various boutiques, which provides temptation and ideas for a fashion stroll. If only one had all the time and all the money in the world!

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