Thursday, July 26, 2007

Heartland Brewery
South St. Seaport

Indian River Light Ale
With accents of fresh orange, this refreshing, light pale ale is clean and smooth. A subtle hint of coriander enhances the crisp finish.

Summertime Apricot Ale
A succulent summer wheat ale with a light, fruity sweetness and a pleasant bouquet of fresh apricots

Homemade Root Beer
Sweet enough to rot your teeth, the best kind!

Union Square
Cornhusker Lager
Crisp and smooth, our golden lager is crafted from Midwestern malts and flaked sweet corn. This is our most refreshing beer, with a mellow maltiness and a light, clean finish.

Yea, so all the drinks have been very pleasant. I didn't care for the chili at South St. location as much. The nachos and chicken tenders at the Union Square location were tasty. Expect better music at the Union Square location, too.

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