Sunday, May 27, 2007


754 9th Ave (at 51st St.)
Hell's Kitchen area
New York, NY 10019

A restaurant with music themed everything, from menu (record covers) to table decor (mosaic)to music played inside bathroom (from Elvis to Cher to Nelly).

Gorgeous decor from the outside all the way to the bathrooms. I especially loved all the disco balls and the wall of colorful tealights. Detailed stuff on the walls (with rockstar dolls in display cases). If you don't like color, you should check out a place with more muted lights.

*Watermelon lemonade
how can you go wrong with this? Beautiful red watermelon juice mixed with tart lemonade. Perfect for those hot summer nights.

*Thai Buffalo Wings. with cilantro & sweet chili sauce
no kick, but very tasty nonetheless.

*Seared Rare Tuna Wrap. peppers, sprouts, arugula & wasabi mayonnaise
The tuna was good, especially accompanied by so many delicious veggies. The wasabi sauce was pretty strong but not evenly spread throughout the wrap. Bob had a laugh watching my expression after a strong bit of wasabi hit my system. The dish also came with a side of thin crispy potato fries made onsite. Not too oily. I liked them.

*Thai Vegetable and Basil Stirfly with Chicken. broccoli, onions, peppers & scallions
Almost reminded me of Thai stirfries at Swish

Final Thoughts
A great place to grab a burger and a drink for lunch or for dinner. I'm still impressed by all the colors and lights. What's better than paying tribute to music greats?

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