Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Vitamin Water and drinks from China

I'm usually not a fan of "colored" water but Vitamin Water actually taste pretty good.
My only gripe is the caffeine content of the yellow one called "Energy". According to the bottle, there are 50 mg per 20 oz. bottle. The aftertaste isn't all that pleasant, either, compared to other Vitamin Waters. I didn't have a concept of how much 50 mg is and I had found out from here that a Coke classic has only 34 mg per 12 oz. I know that this means Coke still has more caffeine per oz. but I'm want more after finishing 12 oz. whereas I don't like to leave the 20 oz. Vitamin Water sitting there.

Enough about that, other flavors I have tried and liked:
Name: Multi-V. Color: White. Flavor: Lemonade
Name: Focus. Color: Pink. Flavor: Kiwi Strawberry
Name: Power-C. Color: Red. Flavor: Dragon fruit

Even if the water is called Vitamin Water, it really doesn't contain that much vitamins. I suppose it's better than most beverages which has no vitamins, but Vitamin Water is completely artificial, from flavor (no juice) to nutrition content (added vitamins to water?).

When it comes down to it, I just like the taste. Water gets boring after a while and nothing tastes better than sweetened water that has a pretty color and a funny story (the website has some, although different from the ones on my bottles) attached to it. Of course, it's rather overpriced at our food courts. I usually buy the boxed variety (less flavors, and contains the dreaded "Energy") and try the other flavors randomly when I have too much money to throw away. I remember liking the oranged colored one (Essential) but dislikeing this tea flavored one.

Speaking of drinks, I have to give a shoutout to some drinks I loved during my summer in Shanghai.

康师傅茉莉清茶 Master Kong's Jasmine Tea. light, with just a tint of tea flavor. After you start drinking this (barely any sugar added), you'll never drink Master Kong's green tea or red tea anymore (way too sweet due to sugar content).

康师傅大麦香茶 Master Kong's Barley Tea. At first I didn't like this because I was never a huge fan of barley tea. Later I started to appreciate its taste because it's not sweet at all.

乐百氏脉动青柠 Mizone Lime Sports Drink. Also comes in orange and peach flavors. Lime is the only one worth drinking though. After a hot summer day out (and Shanghai is hot), this is the best drink to recharge. Iced, of course. Someone told me this is the Propel of USA. I was so excited I bought a box of Propel. They're clearly not the same. Propel has some kind of artificial sweetner whereas Mizone doesn't. Although if you ice Propel, it's somewhat tolerable. Never drinking it unless I absolutely have to, though.

三得利乌龙茶 Suntory Oolong Tea. Another favorite, especially if you like the hot Oolong already. Suntory also makes great beer (better than Tsingtao, but don't tell crazy Tsingtao lovers that). In fact, there are many beers better than Tsingtao, which tastes too sweet for me.

Avoid the orange juice type beverages in China like the plague. If you're spoiled by fresh squeezed or even Tropicana, don't buy any orange drinks. You may get lucky at a fancy restaurant and get fresh squeezed orange juice. but don't count on it. Of course, there's also coke and pepsi if you are not feeling particularly adventurous. I was so sad they didn't have Cherry Coke and so angry that the mint flavored sprite (sounded like a good idea) gave me a sore throat. Diet Coke is also catching on in China if you're interested in that.

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