Monday, March 13, 2006

St. John Sunset Herbal Tea and Restaurant

New find:
Sunset Herbal Tea
- Mint, hibiscus, lemon grass, rosehips, vanilla, chamomile, valerian, sassafras, strawberry and raspberry leaves, passion flowers and hyssop.

Smells amazing and tastes great! Minty fresh, sweet and fruity, and a little bit tart from the lemongrass.
Bought from St. John Spice Store.

More on St. John seafood dishes later.

updated 5.3.06
finally, got a chance to review St. John seafood!

Morgan's Mango
-fresh catch of the day: ginger lemon tilapia. Besides the fact we were starving when we got to this restaurant, the food was amazing. The whole day we spent on trying to get food (blasted "island time" and get settled in our cabins.

Fish Trap
-fresh catch: black peppered halibut
-wild striped bass

-Tuna szchuan style (5 out of 5 stars!) Sumiyoshi ordered this dish and we all wanted to eat it on our second run. and we did. great sauce, tender tuna, great sides as well. amazing!
-Cuban mojo pork
-Mahi Mahi and sweet potato chips
-peanut butter cake
-key lime tart
-triple chocolate fudge
-baileys with dark and white chocolate mousse (win! a bit of everything I love)

Fish Trap 2nd run
-conch fritters
-swordfish with mango
-trout with crab and lobster
-jambalaya (spicy!)
-bass with curry

It's been too long since the islands trip so I can't review any of them in detail. Just remember to check those places out while in St. John though! Fresh catch of the day is always a best bet. I would watch out for tropical mixed drinks. We had a friend who drank a bit too much...haha.

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