Saturday, February 11, 2006

Gourmet V-Day

V-Day is not until Tuesday but the weekend works better for making gourmet dinners.
I will review the three course meal soon enough. Enjoy the photos!

Wine: White, forgot the name, light and refreshing though. not too fruity and not to acidic like most white wines.
Appetizer: Salad with a dressing made from almond, lemon juice, orange juice, olives, and capers.

Main course: Bread bowl filled with fragrant spices, chicken, and spinach. sprinkled with pistachio pieces and almonds

Dessert: assorted berries and chocolate mousse.

Note: everything is made from scratch, including the bread, salad dressing, and mousse.
Funny: Out of all the olives at Dean&Deluca's, I happened to pick this Moroccan olive mix that included pitted we had to pit the olives as well. Fun!
Note #2: the Moroccan olive mix was delicious. I highly recommend it. Even if it's pitted...

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Byron said...

joe made me a sachertorte!

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not even joking.