Sunday, December 25, 2005

Lattes and Espressos

After I had a great cafe latte (espresso with steamed milk) at Cafe Bonarparte, I was in love. But atlas...not all lattes are created equal. A brief review:
Best: at Cafe Bonarparte. rich espresso that spreads evenly.
Very good: at Midnight Mug. rather good espresso also.
Bad (avoid at all costs): at MUG, at Union Station's Starbucks. Can't taste the espresso at all...for a second I thought I was drinking straight steamed milk...

I suppose I'll try out UG eventually, if I'm ever in Leavey...

Update 2-11-06: I tried the espresso at MUG and UG, both are excellent. Although I prefer the proper espresso sized cups at MUG to the huge coffee cups at UG. Now, the question is...why is the MUG latte so bad when they have a great espresso to work with?

post your reviews in comments!

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