Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cafe Bonaparte

Located across from Thomas Sweet on Wisconsin.

Bob and I went there for a coffee and afternoon sweets.
The espresso macchiato (expresso with frothed milk foam) and viennese espresso (espresso with vanilla and cinnamon) are sooooo good. It'll wake you up and leave a nice aftertaste in your mouth. I'd recommend the former if you're into good expresso that is dark, deep, and very fragrant. Just remember to drink it hot! The latter is not too sweet, but you really notice the vanilla and cinnamon notes in the flavor. The presentation in a thick clear glass goblet should win an award.
menu descriptions-
Espresso Macchiato: Espresso & frothed milk….for the true connoisseur $2.75
Viennese Espresso: Cinnamon, vanilla…true passion $3.25

They have the best crepes ever. Here are what we had:
Martinique- crepe filled with mangos, served with the smoothest lemon sorbet. the pistachio bits helped as well. It was so exotic. Citrus and tropical at the same time.
menu description: Caramelized mango slices topped with lemon sorbet & pistachio sprinkles $7.95
Moulin Rouge- crepe filled with peaches, garnished with berry and chocolate sauce. served with vanilla ice cream. The red and black does remind me of Moulin Rouge. Very flashy presentation. I saw the person next to me order the same thing 10 minutes after I finished mine.
menu description: Caramelized peaches with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and berry melba sauce

Needless to say, I was very impressed. I have to thank Amanda, a friend from work, who recommended the place. Next time I'll definitely try their cafe au lait, since they serve those with a small piece of dark chocolate. Since I sat at the bar, I've seen the bartender prepare so many mimosas that I'm tempted to try that as well. Basically, fill a champagne glass 3/4 with bubbling champagne, then fill to top with orange juice. It was a gorgeous looking drink and VERY popular with the brunch crowd.

The decor is very Parisian, according to Bob, who's been to cafes in Paris. The ceiling was a gorgeously patterned silver. My favorite part is the menu and all the neat names for dishes. Where else can you find Monet/Mozart/Napoleon as dish names?

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