Monday, August 18, 2014

Origami USA 2014 Convention Countdown

A bit late in uploading this list and pics for the June Origami OUSA Convention but wanted to organize them so they don’t just get lost in the sea of twitter origami pics. I enjoyed last year’s countdown so much (blog entry here) I had to repeat it. It was a good way to get motivated and fold! Unfortunately there were some skipped days there, but that’s ok too. Glad my friend @pprfldr joined me this year.
Link to photos here (also gallery is posted below the list):

OUSA origami 2014 countdown

57 butterflies / Michael LaFosse
55 tie fighter / Jeremy Shafer
52 sunflower / Kobayashi

48 shell decoration / traditional Spanish model from Harbin book
47 angel / Adolfo Cerceda
46 Japanese purse / traditional. Also learned from @pprfldr
45 Robert Neale hummingbird made out of equilateral triangle // Fujimoto hydrangea
44 Robert Harbin 'bird in flight’
43 Traditional lily made with equilateral triangle instead of square
42 Lover's Knot (traditional) learned from @animemiz 
Yoshizawa butterfly learned from @pprfldr
40 Flying pig created by Paul Frasco. this pig has his snout low on the ground. 
33 ornamental fish by Rodrigo Lopes de Lisboa
32 Ayako Kawate's color pattern 
31 PaWaritato by Michel Grand
30 more Sunflowers as part of ATC trade. Model designed by Kobayashi 
29 Michael LaFosse hummingbird  
28 Dragon by Emilson Nunes dos Santos
26 Traditional lily with Robert Neale hummingbird. 
24 stacking two 3-petal lilies. Also used wetfold which makes better looking petals.

23 more 3-petal lilies and a Fujimoto hydrangea. 
18 doodling with scrap foil. Flower? Bird? Staff? Unknown!
15 more 3-petal lilies made from stardream. 
5 Bianca star by Carmen Sprung
4 Large 3-petal lily. Stardream is so buttery when wet-folded. Amazing
4 Upside down starbox using equilateral triangle. Oh all the possibilities. 
3 Fun with windmill-like model from a triangle
1 XYZ, omega star and friends at the Thursday night Origami Meetup (good sized crowd, tons of fun!) 
0 Dimetrodon by Fumiaki Kawahata and taught by @creasygoodness after registration, inside the great hall.

Shutterfly Gallery

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More information

Hashtags used on twitter: #ousa14 #foldcountdown #origami
note that my friends @pprfldr and @animemiz and others used various hashtags so there is really no good way of keeping track of them. Maybe we will figure it out next year.
Same picture countdown app as previous year “Big Day Lite”:
Also see my post on lilies (the start of my 3-petal lilies)
and my post on the OUSA ATC Trade.

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