Sunday, November 24, 2013

November Adventures

I met up with a group of friends in Grand Central and took the Metro north train to see our friend Doug play “Grandfather” in a production of Ragtime (with CNR Drama) in New Rochelle. As it happens, the author of the book was originally from New Rochelle and the mayor of the town actually presented the key of the city to the family! The theater was an U shaped intimidate space with maybe 100 people capacity. I was impressed with the main cast’s performance, the music, and all the turn-of-century costumes (Evelyn Nesbit’s various outfits were dazzling). As I have not read the book or seen the broadway show before, I do not know whether the production was slightly modified or not. The show made me want to look up the soundtrack and all the historical figures during that time. Who was your favorite character in Ragtime? I particularly liked Mother and Coalhouse, who may be the most developed characters throughout the story.

Food/Drinks (throughout the weekend)

  • Rayuela (LES)
    I enjoyed the octopus appetizer and squid ink rice main course.
  • Donburi-ya (Midtown East)
    the tuna/mountain yam rice was delicious although the ramen dishes also looked great. I was craving lotus roots but the fried renko was not quite what I was looking for. Also tried the crepe cake which was interesting.
  • Cosmopolitan Café (Tribeca)
    I ordered the coffee and challah french toast with scrambled eggs. All items were amazing and the service was superb. The nice part about this café is that it’s quiet with soothing café music, instead of being too loud like most crowded brunch places. I liked the dark wood tables, the bar décor, and the cozy fireplace too. a very good start to the cold winter morning.

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