Saturday, May 11, 2013

Origami and Eats NYC

My friend T. visited last weekend from DC and we were able to pack quite a few activities in the short visit.


Most of my friends already know how much time I’ve been devoting to origami. T. is the first lucky one to see it first hand. Since there was no official origami meetup session scheduled, I polled the regular group and organized one myself at Pier 17. It turned out to be much longer than the originally planned two hours since we kept folding and folding and folding… and was visited by a special guest D. as well! (who showed us the warped 4-cube construction…)

I’ve also created an origami convention countdown page here:


various locations:
I love their café au lait and almond croissant. The paper they use for pastry bags also make for good origami folding.

Fatty ‘Cue

50 Carmine St
(bet. Bleecker & Bedford)
New York, NY 10014
West Village Location

The walk from seaport to the restaurant was effective for working up an appetite. I also enjoy walking downtown (in the non-numbered streets) since most days we miss out on the action when we just duck into the subway.

//drewish princess: kind of sweet and sour. T.’s sort of drink. She liked it so much she ordered two princesses.
//fatty Manhattan: I’d like to describe this as a more adult version of a cherry coke. Unfortunately I can’t down it like a cherry coke since it went to my head pretty quickly. how can any combo of bourbon/vermouth/bitters/cherry go wrong? need to investigate other such drinks around town.  also comes with a pretty round ice ball in the middle.

//duck lettuce wrap: In principle I like this dish, but in reality I don’t like the texture of ground duck. Probably won’t order it next time.
//deep fried bacon: My favorite dish. smells great. tastes great. with a nice salsa on the side (not really necessary). goes perfect with the Fatty Manhattan (see above drinks section).
//fried rabbit: I know I’ll probably get flamed for this but hey, it’s on their menu. I’ve had various rabbit recipes but this one literately taste like chicken (just liked fried gators…). 

In conclusion, get reservations and order up a few bacons and cocktails to share. Thanks to T’s friend M. for the recommendation!

Argo Tea

75 University Pl
New York NY 10003
other locations check

Below is a combo of our visit and my various previous visits (without an Argo loyaltea card…). Happy to report I finally got a card (thanks Animemiz) and look forward to my free drinks.

//red tea (hot): my cold weather regular. T. ordered it since I recommend it so highly. My very first Argo tea order was actually red tea. I’ve since tried others and hasn’t changed my mind.
//ice red tea: my warm weather regular. without any flavor syrup.

//flaxseed raw bar: a bit dense but so addictive. It’s funny that it took T. to introduce this to me since I’ve been to Argo so many times.
//empanadas: smaller than other places but good bites.
//quinoa bowls: really not my favorite food but then I’m always rushing from juggling to origami sessions. Sigh
//panini: the tomato/spinach/mozzarella one is delicious.
//quiche: pretty good.

Long Island Bagel Café

125 Fulton Street, NY 10038

J. knows I gripe about this a lot… most bagel places just don’t have a decent cup of coffee. This place recently opened up on Fulton street and I have been happy with their bagels AND their coffees. Keep up the good work!

I also really like their chunky veggie cream cheese. I personally don’t toast my bagels and usually get the sesame or poppy bagel with regular or veggie cream cheese. May branch out in the future and try sandwiches and other flavors too.

T. and I went on a Sunday morning when it was crowded so we actually took our bagels and ate in the park in front of City Hall. Good weather, plenty of benches. Next time we should do the same before a trek across the Brooklyn Bridge. (note to self, would have been nice to include a pic of said park and bench… next time!)

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