Monday, November 12, 2012

Family Time A-Z (Sandy/Athena ‘12 Edition)

Beast amorphous
Coconut water
Earth benders
Fun photos with “sparkle” filters
Halloween chocolate sorting
Indian basmati rice
Kit kats
Morning run
Outage, power
Ping pong
Questions and “Q” in scrabble
Red panda squishable
Scallion pancakes
Tbsp and tsp
Walnut bread
Xtra scallion
Zuko, Prince


Written in the same vein as my previous A-Z entry [link], about 2 days after my family got power back after the combination of Hurricane Sandy/Storm Athena which changed people’s lives forever. The storms will be heavily documented in history books to come.

My friend Gail wrote about ten lessons she learned [link] on her blog, and I agree with all them. My A-Z list is not mean to trivialize the storm and aftermath in any way, despite the fact I wrote more about the positive stuff that I experienced. As a result of my family’s house losing power (my apt had also lost power for the same week), I went to live with a relative’s family for a week or more. For the first time, I got to hang out with my cousins D. and C. and found myself getting to know them better.  This entry is a tribute to our time together. Sure, the outage and storm and devastation will also be remembered, but I have to say I was quite thankful to have D. and C. around.

At first, I had wanted to post the scallion pancake recipe that aunt had taught us. I had documented the process in detail along with photos. D. and C. used the recipe I wrote down as basis for the pancake they made all by themselves a few days later. Decided against posting the recipe, but do enjoy the photos below!


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