Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NYC A-Z (Summer '12 Edition)

Air conditioners
Bagels and bourbon
Dark Knight Rises
Espresso from Financier
Five Guys
Good stuff diner
Hale and Hearty - Mac n cheese
Ice cream at Duane Reade
Juggling in Bryant Park
Korean dinner in Ktown
Lobster roll
Mets and the Met
Night skyline from Brooklyn Bridge
One percent
Potbelly's chicken salad
Queens by subway
Roosevelt Island
Staten Island Ferry
Trucks (of the food variety)
Walking Summer Streets
X - Lexington line (4/5/6)
Yes, we rock!



About this entry:

I wrote the above on my iphone on the plane back from west coast while fighting insomnia (gotta love those late night rides from west to east). Most of the letters came to me quite easily, while others took a bit more time. I kept the original version although there had been multiple attempts to edit and replace letters/words. That’s when I realize I just need to post it. I wanted to put some photos from the summer along the way but most of the good shots have been posted in the previous entry [link here]. My other thought was to have links to all of the letters but that seemed too busy and cluttered. Even writing this paragraph is destroying the minimalistic entry I set out to do.

When I first came up with the A-Z project a year or so ago, I was inspired by children's’ books, especially ones that came with colorful pictures. How cool would it be to do my own NYC book with my own photos? The project was stuck in draft form when I agonized each letter and whether or not I would be able to take a photo of the associated objects. Would I have Mets (baseball) or the Met (museum) for the letter M? Do I do a tourist version and include major landmarks? Do I do a park version and focus on park and outdoor sightings? Are branded landmarks excluded (i.e. iconic cube Apple store?)

In any case, while my A-Z photobook project is still underway, I do like how the Summer ‘12 edition came out. It’s a time capsule of sorts, just waiting to be forgotten, uncovered, remembered, and treasured for summers to come.

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Wendy said...

That's a great list. I love Financier. I wish they would open a location in Chicago. Hope you are doing well ^_^