Monday, February 20, 2012

the Real Guitar Hero

The other day I stumbled upon Eric Clapton’s 24 Nights Concert DVD in the library’s musical/concert section. While I’ve always enjoyed his music, I’ve never listened to more than a dozen singles on the radio (most notably Tears in Heaven and Change the World). The DVD impressed me a lot since his live performances are definitely more brilliant than some studio recording. With the help of Spotify, I quickly found other Clapton hits, as well as various bands that he’s associated with from time to time, Cream, for example. From there, I found Martin Scorsese’s The Blues documentary, also with its series of CDs. Needless to say, I went on a Clapton binge for a while and sent spotify/youtube song links to everyone I knew. Before I forget, I decided to write down some notes in case my playlist goes away or if Spotify gets replaced by some other music device few years from now. Funny how the music/internet scene changes so quickly huh? When I look at this blog some years later, I would be surprised if any of the links are still active.

Check out the following from your favorite music/media source (or the library) for your listening pleasure.

-24 Nights (DVD/CD): live performances. for those of us who haven’t yet had the courage to splurge on concert tickets. p.s. he’s coming to NY. stubhub search shows 400 a pop…
-Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Eric Clapton (CD)
-Riding with the King (CD): With B.B. King. ‘nuff said.
-Live Cream Volumn II: So many good songs. Once you hear this, your ears will bleed when switching to bad pop. Seriously.

More guitar greats:
rolling stone counts down greatest 100 guitarists. Clapton comes at number four.

I end this entry with a link to Youtube of 24 nights white room. of course, you can look for Cream’s white room, too. I just liked this a lot. Keep listening to the guitar part!

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