Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend Run Down

Sakagura lunch special (previous entry on Sakagura)
sashimi rice and cold soba
chicken egg rice and cold soba

Prime 16
172 Temple St
New Haven
news paper review
lamb burger with mint, cilantro and garlic, topped with Feta cheese. side of grilled veggies. sam adams summer. double ipa.

Touch of Ireland Guesthouse
670 Whitney Avenue
New Haven

day 1:
fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, peaches)
baked egg (herbed) english muffin
banana nut bread
fresh OJ/cranberry juice
lyons tea/coffee
day 2:
fresh apples/pineapples/bananas
apple waffles dusted with powdered sugar
lemon poppy seed cake (my fav...i asked for seconds)
best teasets ever. and i love the clover patterned dishes.
//maybe next time i'll have breakfast earlier to enjoy the morning glow a bit more.

Archie Moore
188 1/2 Willow Street
New Haven
Cracked peppercorn burger: Rolled in cracked peppercorns and flamed with bourbon and your choice of cheese.

C.O. Jones
969 State St
New Haven
//Chicken Fajita Burrito: Spicy chicken marinated in lime and cilantro, served with peppers, onions, Mexican rice, black beans and Monterey Jack Cheese.
//blood orange honey margarita

Yay for CT. I'm mostly impressed with the tap selection and the campus walk. those Yale students are lucky.

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