Saturday, November 24, 2007

Food Roundups Oct/Nov Edition

For the places where I picked up business cards from but didn't have to a chance to review, I've listed their vital info below. Ordered from uptown (more like mid) to downtown.

//Hell's Kitchen Area//
Delphinium Home (home decor, not food related)
653 Ninth Ave NYC

Kyotofu (Japanese tea house and sweets, tofu specialty)
705 Ninth Ave (btw 48th and 49th)
notes: Loved their black sesame sweet tofu and tea. The chef's selection was a work of art. You have to try it to believe it. and I'm not even a vegan or anything. Just a curious foodie.

//Time Square//
Tony's Di Napolis (family style)
147 W 43rd St
notes: make a reservation early! great place with huge portions for share. can't remember what I got but their calamari and pasta were superb. will take Bob here to see if the Italian restaurant meets our Italian restaurant expectations.

//Greenwich Village//
Varsano's Chocolate
172 W. 4th St
Note: randomly ran into this place. As I was browsing, the owner handed me a chocolate dipped pretzel. Amaaaazing. I actually bought a small box of fish shaped milk-chocolates for Bob. He finished it in a few days and had only the best reviews. Just went the website, which was a bit on the casual side (with the flashing text and whatnot). But apparently they also take orders for delivery. Here's the number to call: 800.414.4718

Greenwich Letterpress
39 Christopher St
Note: I found so much stationery and pretty stuff here that I swore I will go there more often. It came close to replacing Papyrus as my favorite stationery store, if not for the fact that Papyrus is everywhere. Definitely a fun place to explore and get unique gifts! Their website is more geared towards customizing as opposed to reflecting the store inventory.

380 Broome St
With all the hype in the media, Gothamist, and Daily Candy, and one failed attempt to locate the store, I did not find this place all that amazing. Sure, the ready made candy is awesome since it's warm and still a bit soft. The other stuff is quite overpriced although pretty to look at. I eventually bought a small bag of the citrus mix because each individual candy looks like a cross section of orange/lemon/lime. Pretty neat. The website is beautiful. Maybe it will just take a while for the NYC shop to look chic like the other locations.

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