Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cheese Cake Pt 1

After hours of toil, my lemon cheesecake came out looking somewhat friendly. Of course I had to try to plastic wrap it for the fridge and screwed up the top. Cling wrap really clings! and took off a layer of warm and soft cheesecake off. Just my luck.

I have some before and after photos pending posting, just so you get an idea of the chaos in my kitchen. This made from scratch recipe is from a Children's Cook Book. I picked it up because it was very colorful and instructive. But atlas, it is also deceiving. All I have to say is, I feel bad for the parents who have to cook everything in this book. Whipping egg whites until stiff peaks form is one of the worst experiences ever.

I also have a thing against food that you can't taste test while cooking. Soup, veggie, stir-fry, etc, you can taste see if it's salty, tender, etc. With cheese cake, you'll have to toil for hours, then cool in fridge overnight, and then you can taste it. But if it tastes off, then you've just wasted that whole time preparing the thing. Sigh, I hope my cheese cake taste ok tomorrow. Maybe in Pt 2 I will review and/or post the recipe.

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