Sunday, April 29, 2007

Le Monde Pt 2 Broadway New York, NY 10025
1 (212) 531-3939

7.50 traditional french snails with garlic and parsley butter
Somewhat on the salty side, but at least I had a group of people who's not weirded not by snails.

Omelette Paysanne
9.25 potato, bacon and caramelized onions
They must have used 3 or more eggs for the thing. It was huge and very satisfying. Presented with a sprig of rosemaries to use on the eggs and the side dish of roast red potatoes. Loved it will definitely come back for this during brunch hours.

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Potato Galette 10.25
While my guest wasn't too thrilled with this, I loved the salmon and egg combo. Melts in your mouth deliciousness.

Mona Lisa: this three layered chocolate mousse cake. amazing.
We also had a lime cream cake that was pretty, but not tart enough for me.

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