Tuesday, March 20, 2007


FLCL Ultimate Edition (wiki, review), so hot right now.

Bought from Buy.com, Paid with Google Checkout. Free Shipping, $10 Discount for using Google Check for the first time. The sweet box arrived within days. I've yet to watch through all of the bonuses. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for my Ultimate Edition t-shirt to arrive. It'll probably take longer since I had to send a hand-written postcard. Needless to say, I'm floating on clouds.
Thanks to Google Checkout, I don't ever have to create new accounts for any of the stores here again. Why didn't people think of this sooner? I'm glad all of the major players are not on there, i.e. B&N and Amazon. Although Buy.com has so much stuff already I really wonder if I care.

More on the series. It's by Gainax and actually references a famous Gainax series EVA. The soundtrack is by Pillows and you all should check out their music. What genre is FLCL? Hard to say, I suppose it's a growing up series. A bit of action, some comedy, a lot of emotional rollercoaster, and robots (weird ones). I like it especially because in just 6 episodes, you really see the relationship between characters change and grow. Most people think FLCL is a strange series, and I like that.

Besides loving Haruko to death, I also love many of the objects/imagery in the show (not sure if they're spoilers):
-Yellow Vespa
-Blue and white bass
-Symbol on Canti and Naota's head (see second pic above)
-Black cat with huge eyes
-Manga segments
-Sour flavored soda. I'm guessing it's something lemon lime?
-Riverside under the bridge (with the really good background music playing)
-Red Canti, as opposed to the Blue one
-the Kiss scene, but more importantly, the blush scene right before it
-ramen noodles (eaten by Haruko at the dinner table)

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