Sunday, April 09, 2006

News Cafe

News Cafe
3056 M Street NW

How I managed to neglect this restaurant in my reviews is a mystery. I can't believe it took 4 years to find this place.

calamari siciliano: soft calamari, soaking up juices from olives, capers, tomatoes, and basil. a refreshing and rustic taste after all that fried nonsense elsewhere.

the pasta and pizza selections are good, but portions too big in my opinion.

dessert is okay...didn't like the chocolate strawberries that much though. and who has room for this after the huge entrees?

early bird special M-F before 4-7pm. $14.95 and you get the following:
1) soup or salad
2) pasta or pizza
3) dessert

I heard the crepes are good as well but I haven't tried it yet. I just hope it'll be as good as Bonarparte's.

macchiato was amazing, obviously made from excellent espresso.

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