Sunday, March 16, 2014

Walking around LES

I walk around the LES and neighboring streets fairly often, mostly due to the distance from subway and my destinations. There is something fun about stumbling upon different kinds of shops, restaurants, and coffee places with colorful fire escape stairs on apt buildings. This time I got a few pics of various things I found interesting. Afterwards I looked up the artists and provided the links below. The caption are my comments, not the actual titles of the works.
blue pineapple
rainbow love
Thirsty shark

Artist Credits:
pineapple one unknown.

Here is an article about the work by Bradley Theodore. Didn't realize the work is fairly recent. While it was more meaningful to read about who the skulls are, I wonder if I would have enjoyed it anyway without the reference. Looking through Zito's page made me realize just how different types of work he does, from portraits to paintings to even a hand painted lettering section of Zito's page. 

What kind of murals/graffiti do you like around the city?

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