Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 in Photos

2013 marks the first time my parents joins J’s family for Thanksgiving. We all had a good time.

My favorites were all back. In order: zucchini quiche, sweet potato with marshmallows, turkey (cranberry not pictured), and corn bread.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of L’s deserts. She made tarts and pies and all kinds of goodies.

After dinner we didn’t do a lego set or music but had a juggling contest. Pretty impressive.





I didn’t do any black Friday shopping but did make the two following investments over the weekend: Crunchyroll Anime Account and Brooklyn Botanical Garden Membership. On crunchyroll I binged on the entire season of Madoka. When I went back to NY I had so much cabin fever that I joined a walking tour at the garden. It was a sunny and crisp day and no crowds. I highly recommend it. Below are some pics from the garden, featuring trees with interesting barks and a bonsai plant with autumn colors!





After spending a good amount of time in the cold outdoors, decided to call up my friend Wes and splurge on ice cream at Ample Hills. Sadly we ate all the ice cream before taking pics. Tip: they also have amazing coffee and hot chocolate if you don’t want ice cream in the winter (blasphemy!). Line isn’t as long as warmer weather times and of course there is plenty of seating. Our orders were:

salted crack caramel - this was a crowd favorite when we first went with origami group post cherry blossom festival at BBG in the spring

stout chocolate Guinness –  amazing dark chocolate with Guinness flavor. goes super well with caramel.

honey – this is so tasty, I don’t know why more places don’t have honey flavored ice cream?!

cookie au lait – coffee ice cream with cookies (think fancier oreo ice cream!). can’t go wrong with this.

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