Friday, June 01, 2012

30 Days of Queens: Day One–Unisphere

I’m moving out of Queens in July. In the last 30 days I will try to hit places that I haven’t been to. As a tribute to my time here, on days when I don’t explore a new place, I will write an entry on a frequent hangout.

Ideas below:

Unisphere, Queens Museum of Art, Citifield, Library, Botanical Gardens, various food places, Meadow Lake, various supermarkets, various bakeries, etc.


I first heard about unisphere from the movie Men In Black. I haven’t seen the movie since I moved to Queens but probably should see it again, just to compare notes. If you remember the scene where Will Smith and co are battling aliens who are trying to fly away in flying sauces, you’ll recognize the above. At the time I had no idea where the scene was, so when I moved to Flushing, it was quite nice to see the unisphere from the subway and plan a trip to there.

The flying saucers themselves are not that interesting since the structures are quite old and there doesn’t seem to be much going on. On a sunny spring day, the unisphere is surrounded by cherry blossoms and can make for a nice photo op for tourists (although there are few… who wants to trek all the way to Flushing just for this?) You will also find plenty of skateboarders using the area under the unisphere as a place to practice.

The different placards around the unisphere explain the world fair history. It’s kind of strange to read about the grand exhibitions when most of the structures have been torn down. I suppose the good news is that at least the area had been converted into green space and public park for all to use.

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