Thursday, March 22, 2012

High school hijinks

What do you do when you meet up with a high school friend that you haven’t seen years? Catch up over good food and drinks all over NYC, of course.

While I have a lot more than food to say at the moment, I’m using the opportunity to jot down these good eats before I dive into more normal topics.

Saravana Bhavan (vegetarian)
26th and Lex

medhu vada – spicy fried donut for the win.

ghee pongal – this was a very unique rice dish with coconuts and cashews. I liked it but would probably try something else next time
rava masala dosa – dosa is like a potato pancake type of thing. they have many varieties in the store. I enjoyed it.

badam halwa – somewhat dense due to almonds but loved the taste. why don’t we have more sweets with honey and butter?

//other notes:
I’ve been so sheltered since I didn’t know anything on the menu. Not sure what style/regional specialty this restaurant is (Update: yelp says it’s southern India, there we go) but I would recommend everyone who loves Indian food to try this out and explore the extensive menu. of course there are also other Indian restaurants in the area (nicknamed Curry Hill)so feel free to walk around and peek at the menus!

and a last note, a former boss of mine noted that if you’re a vegetarian, you better be Chinese or Indian, because they make the food work. I didn’t even notice this place was a vegetarian joint until looking back the website and menu. Tasty eats!

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Wendy said...

I went to Saravana too! Such delicious Indian food. I am a sucker for their dosas (Indian crepes I think?) I hope to go back there the next time I am back home.