Friday, December 23, 2011

Blogger App Test

Until Blogger gets an ipad app, I wanted to try out the iphone one. Seems easy enough but we all know typing with the iphone keyboard is not optimal. A work around I can think of is writing in the notebook app and then copy/pasting into the blogger app.

In any case, since I use the ipad a lot more than my computer and laptop these days, the more I figure out how to make this app work, the more likely I will use it to blog more frequently.

In the spirit of full testing, I wanted to report the pic functionality too. I can take a photo with the ipad camera, attach a photo from the ipad gallery.
The photo in this entry is a hat I gifted to a friend. I really liked it and researched into the character Pucca.

For some reason the url doesn't work, I suppose this is a feedback for the app dev.

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Wendy said...

It's the hat you gave me! ^_^