Sunday, August 21, 2011

All over NYC

Kati Roll Company
//unda beef, shami kabab. if you haven’t tried Kati rolls yet, next time you find yourself in the Bryant Park area, trek a couple of streets down to 39th and check it out. I like how spicy and flavorful everything is. definitely take them up on the 2 roll deal and split with a friend so you can try more than one flavor!

The Met
//Egypt (they’ve figured out fashionable beads, sandals, and eyeliners while you’re trying to figure out hieroglyphics), Chinese Garden (relaxing), and Goddess in Indian painting, Summer/Spring in Japan. they introduced a touchscreen system for many of the period rooms so you could browse the various objects inside the room. most impressive one was the hot water urn (kept warm by a piece of hot iron). that’s how they do tea service…

If you want seating, you should go next door to the restaurant. but if you just want a quick bite, order at the counter here.
//I ordered the primavera which was good but I think the artichoke hearts were somewhat overwhelming. J. had the chicken diablo (mayan chipotle) which was just as good as they advertised. may try the duck one or the cheeseburger one next time.

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