Sunday, April 24, 2011

Williamsburg Rainy Day Adventures Part 2

You may recall from a previous entry, I visited V. in Brooklyn during a downpour in March and I had wanted to plan for another trip when it’s warmer and sunnier out. Well, the weather was not cooperative when I made my second trip last weekend, but at least we had a good time nonetheless.

this entry was written with Beirut playing in the background. feel free to check him out! Go Brooklyn.

With recent spring weather I thought it would be nice to volunteer with my company to beautify local parks. The weather turned out to be freezing and rather windy but luckily I had good company. I found out that I really enjoy using rollers for painting (I really should take advantage of this and paint my walls or something). 

My park event was supposed to end in the afternoon but due to weather and our efficient use of time, the leader dismissed us early. Instead of waiting in the cold for lunch, I opted to head out and meet up with V. earlier. A cup of whole foods breakfast blend coffee with soy later, I finally recovered from hanging out in the cold all morning. Reading up on colorful CB2 catalogues made me wish I had an empty apt to decorate. Sigh.

Creative food place with fantastic decor, a very Brooklyn soundtrack and ridiculously well-dressed and fine-looking crowd. Another reason to come back to Williamsburg even if it’s pouring.

This place had good coffee in cute cup/saucer sets and we ended up drinking way too many cups (my entire week’s quota was filled up).

course 1: Starting off, V. had a greens dish with figs and I got a pineapple section with pomegranate molasses and grated lime (superb, and we were literately licking the plates for the last drop of pomegranate molasses). Just looked up a recipe, it actually doesn’t look that difficult. Since I already make pomegranate juice from scratch, this is nothing. alternatively we should just get a bottle from Trader Joes or Whole Foods.

course 2: Egg-in-a-nest with portabella and truffle cream. If you order this, take a whiff and prepare to die from happiness. Mushroom lovers, this is a must! Egg-in-a-nest means they cut a round hole in your toast and put in a fried egg. It looks much prettier than it sounds.  

course 3: bacon donuts with coffee ice cream. I think Williamsburg must love donuts because last time we had some nice cinnamon sugar donuts at the other brunch place. Anyway, bacon bits on donuts was interesting but I loved the combo of bacon and coffee ice cream. does anyone really get anything done after a 3 course brunch?

Chill out
The weather turned out even worse after brunch, and while we walked through the rain on my last visit, we weren’t as motivated to check out anything this time. Super Mario for the Wii actually looked quite difficult. I’m glad I don’t have time to play games anymore (except for the occasional phone games).  I ended up finishing my latest book on my phone (yea nook mobile app) while waiting for the rain to die down. This made me realize just how important a comfortable couch with good natural lighting is. I never seem to have both at my disposal. Something to consider when I look at available housing in the future.

Next time
-waterfront (even if it rains, this is getting ridiculous, truly)
-concert! (already on the calendar for June)
-dinner (instead of brunch, although I expect huge crowds)

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