Thursday, October 14, 2010

America’s Beloved Capital: Day 1

For Columbus Day weekend, I dragged J. to DC with me. I haven’t been back to that city in two years. A much needed return and change of scene from New York City, which is getting colder and more crowded by day.

We started out at Union Station, the only way for visitors to enter DC, in my opinion. How grand is Union Station? and I thought Grand Central Terminal was gorgeous. Now if only the new Penn Station can be like the old Penn Station.


Bakery Blend rocks
After looking around for my coffee shop on the lower level food court and failing, we stopped by the Corner Bakery (did they used to be on the lower level?) for coffee. In fact, it was such a good idea that I ate there for breakfast for the next two days too. After walking around DC and trying Wifi and being disappointed, I’m happy to report that the cafe has good Wifi. On the third day I was by myself and I was blissfully reading the NY Times (on my phone) and sipping my coffee. Good times.

Underground Fun
After much lazying around and buying crumb cake, we took the Metro (ahem, DC’s fancy subway, with colorful lines/cell phone signal/internet but no food or drinks! I was surprised I didn’t get stopped when I forgot about that rule and took my coffee along for the ride. oh the damn ignorant New Yorker that I am.) to meet our host T. who welcomed us warmly. By the way, if you’re lazy like me, do make use of the escalators and don’t walk up them. Relax, you’re on vacation, not trying to catch the connecting train like those crazy commuters in NYC. T. lives near a mall and a metro stop, and her place has huge windows. Why she doesn’t have a few house plants is beyond me. I suppose there are enough trees outside though. I’m envious. I get a view of Citifield and U.S. Open, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Sigh. but definitely no trees.
Tip for droid users: Get the DC Metro Transit Info app for your station map and next train notices.

a hop to Virginia
J. had his heart set on the Patent Office and I was curious about their food exhibit so we all headed out for Alexandria. Before finding the museum, we randomly went into a restaurant called Hard Times for lunch. It ended up being quite tasty burgers! I didn’t personally like their chili but then again, I’m quite picky when it comes to that stuff. I got the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken which was in an nice smoky sauce with bacon! Win!
Fun food innovations (almost always accidental!).


hoyas forever
entering on front gates at 37th and O is the proper introduction to Georgetown University campus and of course Healy Tower. We managed to cover all the basics: front lawn, red square, darnall cafeteria (oh wait it’s a real restaurant with booze now! shock!), leavey center, uncommon grounds (why did the decor change? they got rid of drapery and old overstuffed couches i think…blah. almost bought a new mug but my old one was so much better), vittles (and obligatory purchase…yea Corp keeping up the good work), bookstore (I miss my old Bleed Hoya Blue shirts), esplanade, koi pond, new MSB building (ridiculously shiny), Dahlgren courtyard, fountain, seal (yes!), and even the visit to our favorite library (yea right). T. and J. were ready to shoot me after all the walking uphill (come on, our campus is tiny!)

a Georgetown tradition
B. joined us at front gates to walk over for dinner. I have a soft spot for Tombs ale and crab n’ artichoke dip. I got both which made me a happy camper. Our waiter forgot the marinara sauce with our calamari at first, which created massive confusion. Thankfully that was fixed.


Friendly competition
I miss college where people all crowded around a small tv in a dorm and played video games or shared youtube videos. We took it easy by heading back to T’s place and playing rounds of fighting games (I’m no expert so I mostly observed). B. and B. were hilarious. I think most people in NYC live far from each other and the concept of taking it easy and hanging out just doesn’t happen very often. We’re always spending time eating dinner at restaurants or finding the best sushi and happy hour. Anyway it was nice to relax and laugh over games and a movie.

Day 2 to follow: where I actually go around DC with T.!

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