Friday, June 04, 2010

Hanging out in Brooklyn

J. and I spent a day running around Brooklyn before the long weekend. Ever since I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge a couple of years ago, I had wanted to go across it again and figure out what’s on the other side. I did no research last time and ended up in Brooklyn without a plan or a map. Needless to say, I soon grew tired of looking for food and took a subway back to Manhattan. This time, I came armed with a plan and a smart phone [my review for the htc incredible].

First Stop – Prospect Park Zoo [link]

I knew this zoo had a red panda because the zoo uses its image everywhere! I was walking through Prospect Park once and saw the banner for the zoo. I kind of like Central Park Zoo and Prospect Park Zoo because they are small and contained. If you really want a souvenir you may be disappointed since this store is very small (barely a room). The central park zoo park is better than most souvenir stores, possibly because more people visit it. Another interesting note is that the eating area has very advanced vending machines. J was adventurous and tried the knish (heated). I decided to grab a Gatorade blue and save room for lunch.

Second Stop – Grand Army Plaza

After a short walk through the park, we reached Grand Army Plaza. If you like Washington Square park and Columbus Circle, you will like this place with its arch, statues and beautiful fountain. We actually saw a couple taking wedding photos. What a great idea!

Third Stop – Pizza by the Bridge Ignazio’s [link]

The original plan was to grab Grimaldi’s since I’ve heard so much about it. The place wasn’t easy to find and had a huge line down the block when we got there. Not patient enough to wait in line, J and I walked around the block and passed by a few restaurants. At the foot of the bridge we actually spotted another pizza place with no wait! We got a medium pizza and it looked pretty enough, with yummy tomato sauce and cheese and basil leaves. I wasn’t crazy about the crust but I’m usually not a crust fan anyway. Their homemade lemonade is excellent and J ordered a GUS ginger ale which I loved and will look for at whole foods next time.

Fourth Stop – Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory [link]

We got 2 scoops to share: one chocolate and one coffee. Both delicious and not too sweet. The best part was the view of the bridge. Great photo opportunity here. All the yummy food is great prep for the walk across the bridge.

Fifth and Final Stop – Brooklyn Bridge

Last time I walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn. This time I figured we’ll start in Brooklyn since it’s more scenic for photos. I never noticed that the bridge shakes a little from all the car traffic but J. pointed that out. I guess if you’ve never been on it, you’ve now been warned. The trip across the bridge took around 20 minutes, that’s with us stopping for photos. I don’t care if people think it’s touristy, I love walking across the bridge and taking in the view.

I’m sure many of you have already done this route many times, but for those of you who haven’t tried it, grab a friend and go for it!

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