Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jones Beach Winter View

If you haven’t visited the beach during the winter, you may be wondering what kind of people go during these months (surely not the Jersey Shore cast!?)

Map picture

Luckily Jones Beach has a boardwalk and at least one food pavilion open during their off-peak months. We even walked on a sand for a bit just to admire the water and kites. The strong wind caused hair, scarf, hat, and flags to fly about madly.

As it happened, when J’s family and I approached the parking lot, the place was pretty populated. No, it wasn’t a long weekend either, just a sunny and windy Sunday morning. They were doing some kind of construction on the iconic tower which made us all very distressed. Where did the top of the tower go?

Due to some recent rain and warmer temperatures, all the snow around the beach/boardwalk had already melted. If you look closer, you may be able to spot a pile or two of snow in the shady areas closer to the parking lot. The sky is impossibly clear (almost like autumn) and any trace of clouds must have been chased away by the wind blasts. The ocean was not too wild when we approached the sand. I heard the water is quite cold (I can’t imagine why?). Since I forgot my camera for the millionth time, I had to do with my camera phone. For a 1.3 MB pixel thing, it takes decent photos.  Most people stayed on the boardwalk, so the beach was nice and quiet. I included a shot to the right side and left side of where I was standing on the beach. No Photoshop required when you have natural scenery like this.

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Stargazer said...

Ahh! I have to come here some time. The view is amazing! It definitely beats the one at Coney Island.