Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Stand by the Strand

The Stand (Food/drinks)24 East 12th Street (Between 5th Ave and University Place)

//Beer: Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA ($12 pitcher during happy hour). Great IPA. We wanted to try the Blue Point  Lager but they ran out. Maybe next time they will have it. Update: Blue Point Lager is way underwhelming. I'm just going to list other beers below.
--Hit me again: Smuttynose Winter Ale. It's complex. but it's seasonal so it may not be available next time...
--No thanks: Weyerbacher Hops Infusion. It smells great, but a bit on the light side for me.
//Burger: the Stand Burger. While tasty, I thought it was a bit salty for me.
//Sides: Sweet Potato Fries are as tasty as always. Tempura pickles combines perfectly sweet and salty flavors.
//Shake: Honey lavender. Fragrant and delightful. Next time I will try the Toasted Marshmallow which was highly recommended and featured on Food Network. Update: The Toasted marshmallow is also underwhelming, people shouldn't build up so much hype. I mean it's great but not like extremely unique or crazy or out of the world or something.
//Decor: Reminds me of a deli/diner with the counter and simple tables. Rather well lit and the music isn't too loud, good for meeting friends after work. Attentive bartender the time I sat at the bar for happy hour with V.

The Strand (Books)
12th St and Broadway
website | events calendar

//Notes: Props to Will for recommending the Stand. If you are taking a friend there, the Strand bookstore is a great place to meet up. They have an awesome section featuring New York books (both for tourists and NYCers alike). I went in before the holidays so they had nice holiday cards and calendars, too.

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