Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beer & Cheese

J. moved to a new apt earlier this summer (see move in entry) and finally got a chance to throw an apt-warming party. It was also an official party to celebrate Beatles Rock Band.

The game was awesome, but I'm not here to give a lengthy review. Before we got to the main celebration, J. and I created a little platter to get started:
-Garlic Hummus (with a generous shake of the paprika bottle)
-Tam Tams [see company entry] (they are crackers, of course you need crackers with cheese!)
-Fuji, Gala, and Roma apple slices (I happened to have 3 different apples, yay)
-Brie cheese (the runny kind)
-Drink of choice was Brooklyn Brewery's Oktoberfest

After watching Ratatouille (the animated movie about a gourmet rat), I've been very keen to try different food combinations. When J. suggested that we do a beer&cheese, I figured apples would go well with the beer and cheese. Since it is currently autumn, the prime season for apples, and also the season for oktoberfest beer, the combination idea came quite naturally. When I tried it, I put a bit of brie on the cracker, and then a slice of apple. Take the whole thing and eat. Then sip a bit of beer, and wait for the magic to happen. Our guest recommended apples with hummus. The salty garlic paprika hummus actually goes quite well with the crisp sweet apples.

According to the Brooklyn Brewery webpage, the original Brooklyn Lager can be paired with Aged Cheddar. IPA with Asian food. and Oktoberfest with roasted food. I guess everyone can get creative when it comes to pairing beer with food.

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