Sunday, August 02, 2009

Flushing Mall Sizzling Plates

Flushing Mall Food Court Area: Ay Chung
Dishes: Pork Chop, Sizzling Beef (pic)

The best pork chop places I have had in a while. the beef is quite good too, and not overdone (wow). Short walk from the subway station on Main St.

The way lines work is this:
1. pay cashier (separate person than food court person)
2. wait for your order
3. if you want a drink, also pay cashier and show receipt to the drinks station (different stall)
4. wait some more (yes, it's worth it)
5. your number is called, and you are presented with a wooden plate with a sizzling plate.
6. Eat the egg before it cooks too much!
7. Dig in to the meat
8. The soups and noodle side dishes are ok, but meat is the main attraction!
9. I still don't get the potato salad's just too mashed. and weird.

Note: It's definitely better to eat above dishes for dinner. Unless you're really hungry during lunch and want to deal with the mad crowd.

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Stargazer said...

I love their noodles! I went there one time just for that and of course, their fruit ice is very delicious =)