Monday, June 01, 2009

Moving Tips Part 2 and 3: Move and Post-Move

Part 2: The Move
In the summer, start as early as possible so the sun doesn't get too hot. After coffee and breakfast, start loading the vans with bigger and heavier items (bed frames, tables, etc). Try to finish all those big items before it gets dark out.

Tell everyone to wear comfortable shoes and clothes (t shirt, hat, sunglasses if needed, shorts/jeans depending on weather). Gloves could help too since handling some furniture may hurt the hands after a while. Stretch often especially if you have to go up and down the stairs. Take breaks and shifts if you have many people around. Even if people can't lift a lot of weight, they can take a bag or two or small furniture pieces.

Besides the snacks and drinks inside the fridge, be sure to make food runs for lunch (a must!) and dinner (if move is not complete). We had footlongs from subway for lunch which worked out well. Enough carb and protein for the afternoon. Water is great for drinks but Gatorade/soda are also good.

Moving Items:
Put furniture pieces close together against the wall of the van. When you unload, lean the pieces against the wall. Don't load fragile things too close to heavy planks just in case. Load fragile things in back seats of cars or hand carry them with you as you ride in the passenger side. Remember to drive carefully to minimize movement. We had two people in the U-haul van and also a car following the U-haul since it is difficult to see behind a U-haul. If your trip is not that far, you don't need to stuff the U-haul in one run.

Part 3: Post Move
Admin stuff: Return U-haul and old apt keys. Plug in lamps (necessarily for next step). Quick clean of the old apt.

Unpacking/Assembling: Be careful with opening U-haul doors since items probably shifted during the trip. If the new apt has dishwasher and washer/dyer units, wash the dishes and clothes/towels/sheets used in the move. Depending on your energy level, either put together the bed frame for the mattress or just wait until the next day. Don't fill the rooms too much since you'll need to move everything when you assemble furniture, etc. Figure out general room layout before assembling anything. Wire electronics as needed.

Dinner: Take out is simple and stress-free. be sure to ask for silverware/napkins if your silverware is nowhere to be found. Eat and relax.

Last note: Remember to thank all your volunteers and double check your new apt's faucets/tiles/windows/stove/fridge/etc. Write down any problems to bring up. Do something fun to reward yourself. Pop in a DVD since you probably don't have cable or internet yet.

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