Tuesday, December 30, 2008

J.P. Licks Homemade Ice Cream

J.P. Licks Harvard Sq Location (other locations available too)
1312 Mass Ave
Cambridge MA 02138

After I tried this I thought Harvard students were the luckiest bastards alive. Thankfully, after going to their site I found out they had plenty of branches and Harvard Sq. was actually the newest spot. For a homemade ice creamery, they sure had plenty of merchandise in the store.

The flavors:
//oreo: more oreos than the regular cookies n cream I usually get. I think they mesh more cookies than normal. yay cookies.
//coquito: coconut with rum. this was their Dec special. I really hope it stays because while I enjoy coconut, I LOVE it more with rum.
//black raspberry: this was amazing. just the right amount of sweet/tart ratio in my opinion.
//kowluah: kahlua. I think every ice cream with booze tastes better. (except rum raisin because I dislike raisin unless it's chocolate covered...go figure)

Other notes:
When we arrived in Cambridge at dusk the area had quite a bit of snow (which made the Harvard visit seem like the classic New England snow covered old architecture campus). The area near the Harvard Square Coop still had holiday decorations and plenty of people and lights about. It was very charming and one of my travel buddies suddenly craved ice cream. We were walking back to the car when we found JP Licks, what luck! Everyone got something different (and I got two diff flavors because I wanted something new and something old) and I've sampled all of them, didn't have any complains. Probably will make a visit to one of the branches every time I go to Boston.

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