Thursday, January 17, 2008

Joe's Shanghai

136-21 37th Ave (few blocks from Main St. subway)
Flushing, NY
Also locations in uptown and Chinatown (Manhattan)

I've heard of this place because it has received rave reviews from the likes of NYTimes and NY Magazine. So far I've only visited twice but I already have some favorite dishes!

//Soup dumplings (juicy dumplings, xiaolongbao) /
I've had them at Shanghai Tide but Joe's Shanghai really lives up to the hype. Get the crab/pork ones. You may get addicted to them before you know it.
//Sweet Lotus with Sticky Rice / I had a different version of this in Shanghai and absolutedly loved them. I was pleasantly surprised that Flushing had them, too. The texture is more crunchy than the ones I've had in Shanghai. It's listed as an appetizer (and was an appetizer in Shanghai as well) but I would recommend it for dessert. It's better than red bean pastries anyway, in my opinion. I couldn't spot it on the menu online, but I remember it was on the Chef's specials menu at the restaurant.
//Hot and Sour Soup / Although I spotted some unconventional ingredients in the soup, I have to say I liked it a lot. It's also been a while since I had hot and sour soup. Apparently it's not a stable at every Flushing restaurant, just like how most Flushing restaurants do not have the ever-so-famous General Tsao's Chicken. This place does though, but I haven't tried it.
//Steamed Egg with Clams / This is also off of the Chef's Specials and advertised as a Shanghainese dish. I get steamed egg a lot at home, but never with clams. The combo is actually quite good, especially since I was coming off of a bad cold and have not eaten anything substantial for dinner for a few days. Sometimes I really surprise myself with interesting and new dishes.
//Clams with Black Bean Sauce / Or were they mussels? Anyhow, T. ordered this on our first trip and I loved them.

I wasn't too crazy with the spring rolls and red bean pastries, but you can't win with everything.

I never noticed that the restaurant was right across the street from Hong Kong Supermarket. I only mentioned this because V. got sick of waiting to be seated and took a sidetrip to pick up pounds of Asian snacks and instant miso. He was like a 6-yr-kid at a candy store. "OOoo, they have lychee and wasabi peas and everything!" Hey, anything to help support the local economy right?

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