Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Brick Lane Curry House

Brick Lane Curry House
306-308 East 6th St. (At 2nd Ave.)

edit 9/16/08:
Madras with lamb
medium-to-hot spiced gravy tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chilies

Bhuna with lamb
a well spiced curry with where the meat is added to and cooked with the spices in its own juices resulting in a deep strong flavored but quite dry sauce

J liked both but pointed out that I got more lamb with mine.
I liked his Irish Cider more than my Kingfisher. Grass is always greener on the other side.
I thought about getting Vindaloo but decided to branch out, and wondering the whole time why my dish wasn't spicy enough. 

Cozy. I especially loved the diffused lights and shadows created by the various light fixtures. The table for four was a little cramped though.

Mango Lassi Perfect for cooling down your tongue after some spicy curry. Or in general a good summer drink. Almost feels like dessert before food though!

Memorable Dishes
Lamp Vindaloo A fiery combination of freshly roasted and ground spices and condiments from Goa cooked with potatoes.
-I really liked this spicy and hot curry. Perfect for my naan bread and basmati rice.
Chicken Masala A tomato cream sauce flavored with dried fenugreek.
-I thought it was more tasty than the "national dish" Tandori Chicken which was not as flavorful. Or maybe I just like my chicken more juicy than smoked.

Staff very friendly and rather attentive. but they served our food too slowly! (Sorry, clearly I've watched too many episodes of Hell's Kitchen)

I was a little disappointed with the seemingly small portions but we did feel very full afterwards. Next time I am not ordering so many orders of basmati rice, although it was quite tasty. One order of rice is plenty for party of 4. Naan was definitely worth it. We had two orders, one regular and one garlic. Next time I'll try some of the more wild kinds.

I actually found this place through online, either NY Magazine or NYTimes. Or maybe it was menupages. I like the fact it is in the Astor Place area so you'll have plenty of other restaurants/bars to pick from.

I really miss the Indian place at the Union Station food court. They were spicy and generously portioned. Maybe I just haven't had enough Indian food to fully appreciate a fine dining experience. Below is the take-out place info if you're ever in DC waiting for a train. Warning: very spicy!

Aditi India Kitchen
(202) 682-0304
Lower Level - Food Court
Indian fast food appetizers and entrees.

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Wendy said...

I still haven't tried a lassi yet. I mistakenly pronounced it "lassie" instead of "lussie". Have you had dosas? They're my favorite so far and the one I had the other day was as long as a missile (almost), perfect for chutney dipping!