Friday, April 13, 2007

Sezz Medi

Sezz Medi
1260 Amsterdam Ave. (at 122nd)
212.932.2901 (warning, loads slowly, also main screen has music)
genre: Italian

Get together with a group of 8. Rather cozy place hopping with Friday lunch crowd. Grabbed a business card in case if I want to come back (reservation probably needed)

Fried zucchini and calamari served with taziki sauce
The calamari is about as greasy as most calamaris I've had at other restaurants, but the zuchhini was quite nice.

ice tea with lemon, this may seem boring but it is really refreshing!

4 Stagioni: Ham, mushroom, mozzarella, black olives, tomato, artichoke hearts.
I looked on google translation when I got home. the name means four seasons, how nice. I rarely get pizzas with artichoke hearts, so I had to try this one. They actually used a kind of mushroom that I'm not familiar with. All the ingredients tasted great though. The crust looked thick when the pizza was placed in front of me, but it's actually not thick. The texture was rather soft but not mushy. It's just not a thin and hard crust.

pasta (sampled, a friend ordered this)
Angry penne, apparently it was under the daily special. I really liked the taste of this.

the pizza I didn't order
Fritta: stuffed and fried with smoked mozzarella, basil, tomato (fried pizza)
The reason I mention this is because when the waiter took this to the table next to us, about half of our table turned out heads. The presentation was too good. Out of curiosity I asked the waiter what they had ordered: it turned to be fried pizza. At this point most of my table decided that maybe it isn't so good after all. I'd like to try this next time I go to the restaurant.

After scanning through the menu, I think the following may be interesting to try as well (warning, long list):

to try list
-grilled Mediterranean octopus with haricot vert, Yukon gold potatoes.
-beef carpaccio with black olives, capers, diced tomato, frisse and grated ricotta pugliese

they all sound great.

-rosmarino: fresh rosemary, extra virgin olive oil

panuzzo: (brick oven stuffed bread served over a bed of greens)
-Boscaiolo: mixed wild mushrooms, roasted peppers, fontina cheese, mozzarella.
-nutelluzzo: nutella, powdered sugar

-tri-colore: smoked mozzarella, ricotta, fresh sliced tomatoes and arugola.
-filetto: cherry tomatoes, basil, bufala mozzarella.

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