Wednesday, April 11, 2007


2390 Broadway At 83rd

This restaurant is a favorite of my friend "Wine Cartel in a Half Shell". Yes, the nickname is long, but without listing the whole thing, it just doesn't sound right.

appetizer (came with table?)
pickled plum tomatoes and pickles. Very salty. I like pickle wedges more than whole pickles. There was some kind of cole slaw too.

I tried a black cherry coda thinking it was the bottled variety. It came out in a can. Needless to say, I was somewhat annoyed but at least the flavor was fine.

Everyone else had a variation on Pastrami Burger Deluxe. 8 oz. chargrilled burger with strips of grilled pastrami served with fries, lettuce, tomato, and onion.
I ordered an Oversized Burger Deluxe. simply the above without strips of pastrami.
The burger was good, but those pastrami burgers looked even better. I may try one next time.

-cream pie
-oreo cheesecake
-black and white cookie

random dessert ramble
Apparently the black and white cookie caused quite a stir at the table. We had some who loved it and some who thought they loved it because the person who ordered it always made the cookie look delicious. Then upon trying the cookie, the people who thought they liked it decided that the cookie really wasn't so great. Were they mislead by the former black and white cookie lover who ate the cookie sexily? I have no idea. Clearly there's some sort of food voyeurism going on. I tried a piece and thought it was fine. I'm not crazy about it but I don't hate it either. The cream pie on the other hand was amazing. Chocolate wins any day.

open spaces, round tables, good service. Our waiter had a really nice smile, which is somewhat rare those days. Not one of those fixed smiles, but a smile that looked like he was having a good time. Maybe he's just a very skilled actor, who knows? Or he hasn't been driven crazy by customers yet. One annoying thing was we got shushed by the next table. Come on! It was a diner and everyone was talking loudly. People in the Upper West are uptight, I swear! We all had a great time, though.

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Azrael said...

Yay, pickles! I'm not that fond of burgers but they had chocolate cream pie? O_O Wow, I haven't had that in ages...okay, at work, so I won't drool.

By the way, says I can't poke you on Facebook.