Saturday, April 21, 2007

100th Post -- on marshmallows

wallpaper from homestarrunner

I really like marshmallows, toasted, in ice cream, in hot cocoa, or straight out of the bag. I'm also a fan of peeps, or marshmallows covered with colored sugar.

random recipe of the day:
you need a marshmallow, a cookie/cracker, and some form of chocolate. I happened to have some chocolate chip cookies and chocolate malt balls sitting around, so I used one of each.

place cookie in a microwavable plate or bowl, place marshmallow on top, heat for 10 or 15 sec, take a look and see if the marshmallow had puffed. Then place chocolate mal ball on the soft marshmallow cookie. very yummy!

obviously the same directions can be used for smores by having graham crackers and chocolate bars.

another idea:
heat chocolate sauce or nutella. coat marshmallow with it. set in fridge to cool.
chocolate coated marshmallows!

now I wish I had a campfire so I can roast them.

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Azrael said...

I'm not too fond of marshmallows but if you had a campfire, could I roast some time of meat on a stick over it?