Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hoboken and Oreo

From wiki: Hoboken was once known as the city with "a bar on every corner" and in fact was once listed in Guinness Book of Records as the city with "Most bars in a square mile". There were well over 200 bars in town in the first half of the 20th century. There are still well over 100 now.

Hoboken Bars
Hoboken Eats
Path to Hoboken

Apparently there's some oreo history made there too.
How do I eat an oreo?
I like the chocolate cookie part more than the vanilla cream. So I usually:
1. twist apart cookie
2. eat the cream
3. dip the cookies (without cream) in milk really quickly (I hate soggy stuff)
4. eat cookies
5. drink a lot of milk

Sometimes I like dipping the whole thing (cookie and cream) in milk too. But also done very quickly so the cookie doesn't get soggy.

Did I ever mention cookies n' cream is one of my favorite ice cream/fudge flavors? Going overboard by ordering cookies n' cream ice cream with additional oreo cookie topping is perfectly fine with me, too.

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