Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Simple recipe can be good.
Mostly because I had good tomatoes and bought bread for the first time in a while. Already have extra virgin olive oil and picked up some basil easily from a supermarket on the way home.
Thanks to "Bob", I'm addicted to bruschetta in its simplist form. Only yesterday did I finally create my own (with some mistakes here and there, but overall a good effort).
-bread (I had a 7 grain, you can use French, etc.)
-tomatoes (I like the kind with vine attached)
-basil leaves
-olive oil
-garlic (optional)

1. toast bread in oven (a few min. at 350 should be fine)
2. cube tomatoes
3. crush basil leaves
4. crush garlic, you can roast it if you like.
5. rub garlic on toasted bread, the heat will melt off some of the oil and transfer it to bread.
6. mix tomatoes, basil, olive oil and garlic together.
7. serve above mixture on pieces of bread.

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