Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes, from Omaha.
Band info on wiki
Official site
Albums & Lyrics Site (Scroll down to see albums by Bright Eyes. No pop-ups! Yay!)

NPR shows
[Note: you may need do Ctrl+F to search for Bright Eyes since some of the shows feature more than one artist and songs. Also some of them are clips, not full songs. You may also need realplayer]
live show at DC 930 Club
All Songs Considered "Easy/Lucky/Free" and "Train Under Water"
"First Day of My Life". Romantic number.
More All Songs Considered. Three songs from the Album Four Winds: "Four Winds", "Smoke Without Fire", and "Cartoon Blues".
Kurt Orzeck talks about the Bright Eyes Vinyl Box Set
A Chat with Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes
"Blue Angels Air Show", a rarity.
"Take it Easy" and "Lua". two songs.
"Road to Joy" from Album Motion Sickness.

My favorite right now
"Easy/Lucky/Free" (lyrics; video) from the Album Digital Ash in a Digital Urn.

props to V. for introducing them to me. Life would be easier if he just had a music blog himself.
If I missed any "Bright Eyes" related material on NPR, feel free to just do a search on their website.

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I am far too busy and important to have a blog. Actually, I just have no idea how to do one.