Friday, January 12, 2007

Dallas BBQ

Dallas BBQ
branch location: Time Square, close to the AMC Empire 25 and the Lowes theaters.

atmosphere: neon lights, giant skulls with horns (some kind of western decor?), loud and features giant widescreen for sports.

genre/occassion: BBQ, meat lovers, short dinners

service: lightning speed. Not only were our entrees brought in before we finished our appetizers, they managed to clean up the table as we got up to leave. Almost makes me feel the staff is on speed or something. You won't be able to make dinner linger that's for sure. They weren't rushing us out but since they handed us the bill without us asking, I figure they may start to look at you funny if you insist on chatting some more.

food: Hot wings were excellent. We ordered half a dozen at $6.99. The restaurant uses Frank's hot sauce which is very tasty. Buy it at your local supermarkets!Combo of crispy shrimp and baby back ribs $14.99 had a bit of that smokey flavor that I love. The shrimps were fine but nothing to rave about. The ribs were juicy and meaty, which I liked.

Edit: the second time I had hot wings I thought they were overly greasy. Maybe one dozen for lunch was too much for us. They didn't come with celery to offset the grease! The chili really wasn't impressive either. I miss Clyde's...

drinks: The magaritas seem to be the norm or special there. Beers are rather pricey or I guess standard for Time Square NYC prices. They do have pitchers so I suppose a bigger party may enjoy that.

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